9 Black Electronic Musicians You should be listening to

The 9 Must-follow Black Electronic Musicians


This Musician has a unique way of making music. His music is a mixture of electric mix sounds such as house, baile funk, and ghettotech. LSDXOXO doesn’t shy away from more mainstream tracks. Infact you can hear mainstream tracks in in many of his music such as from Massive Attack to Kenye to N.E.R.D. LSDXOXO gets many of his inspirations from the queer scene and pop culture.

  1. Nozinja

The South African Soweto-based producer was running a successful phone repair shops before jumping to a career in music. His change in career came after he realized the popularity of Shangaan electron. Shangaan electron is a mix of township, Tsionga disco, and Kwaito house. Nozinja describes this genre as “people moving as if they have no bones.” Over the years Nozinja has worked with numerous artist such as Vuyelwa and Tshetsha boys. His music style is most known for mixing traditional chants, South African drums, and house track beats.

  1. DJ Yin

DJ Yin grew up to TLC, Whitney Houston, and Celine Dion together with her father who was a DJ. Yin goes on farther to express herself in her music. She covered topics such as mental health and parenthood. One of her songs, “Kilimanjaro” is made with a slow tempo and talks about depression in Nigeria. Yin has recently made The Listen To Me foundation which is meant to help depressed people be heard. Her music is a mix of R&B, EDM beats, hip-hop, and Nigerian music.

  1. Spelling

Spelling grew up in America . She creates electro pop music that is slow, psychedelic and haunting. Spelling gets her inspirations from dreams, death, light, and the outer world and the legacy of slavery. She is also inspired my many aritists such as Kate Bush, Bjork, and Coco Rosie. The talented artist is able to play most instruments and produces her own records. Her music has reached the point that it is complicated but so simple at the same time and can be an expression of the times we live in today.

  1. rizo

Producer/Singer, G.rizo has been active in the underground scene since 2003, while working with artists such as Alexander Robotik and Donovas. She started her career in music in new York. The way she sings and raps and all the energy she gives out during her sets is something that is hard to forget. Her music style is a combination of a fast paced house, funk, dance, and dub.

  1. DJ Lag

The South African DJ is one of the leading artists in the buzzing genre. He was born in Kwaito. His sound is a mix of techno and house music with minimalistic bass heavy sounds. He rose to the international scene and furthered his career. Rap was his first passion as he recalls sneaking out to clubs as a teenager, producing dancing bengha and instrumentals. He then created a sound internationally recognized well known for it’s dark, hypnotic, and haunting sounds.

  1. Klein

What started out as a hobby is now Kleins career. She started making music for fun because she enjoyed doing so. Her music is a mixture of experimental, R&B, ambient music, and random audio samples. She enjoys music so much and is only a way of expressing herself. She has gathered massive fan base with even fellow artist Arca saying she’s a fan. Her songs are largely experimental which causes her music to song very unique.

  1. Akua

Another experimental artist is American DJ Akua. She music is raw with throbbing beats and deep lines. When she songs start, you have no idea how it’s going to finish. She is inspired by the techno scene in Detroit. Some artists she takes inspiration from are artist such as Derrick May and Juan Atkins among many others. She takes pride in being a part of Discwomen because of her belief that there are very few Black female DJs.

  1. DJ Lambo

She was greatly influenced by music growing up, being the daughter of famous DJ Tony Lewis. Her music is a mixture of techno, afropop, dance, and house sounds. Her career began very young working in radio. Later on she started touring and playing in clubs. Her sound is calm and and chill and gives a lasting sensation to the listener.


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