Ethiopia Declares State of Emergency Amid Rising Regional Attacks

Ethiopia Declares State of Emergency Amid Rising Regional Attacks


Abiy Ahmed, the Ethiopian Prime Minister has finally declared a state of emergency for the country. This is consequently due to the rising attacks from the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLEF). Following the accusation that TPLF was stealing artillery and other military equipment, The Ethiopian government claimed that TPLEF was provoking the government into a military confrontation.

The deceleration was made on Wednesday. The Ethiopian Federal Council of Ministers said that the activities of the TPLF were violent and illegal acts and it engendered the constitution and constitutional order.

This whole conflict between the government and Tigray all began back in 2018 when Ahmed was voted into office. As TPLF began to loose control over the the region, conflicts began to surge. Elections were then held in the region even though the government disproved due to COVID-19 regulations which also caused the government to disregard the elections deeming it illegal. Ever since, problems just started to arise from then. Even the past week, Tigray blocked a general from assuming his military post even though he was appointed by the government. Following this prime minister Ahmed decleared an internet shut down in the region.

Even though Tigray is only 6 percent of the countries whole population, they make up more that 50 percent of the military force.

With a population of over 100 million Ethiopia has more that 100 ethnicity, which in turn makes it a very complicated topic, especially in politics. The Oromo people make up most of the population. Before Ahmed was voted into power, the Ethipian Peopl’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) was predminantly TPLF and they had been running the country for around 30 years. After Ahmed was elected into office, he created the pan-Ethiopian Prosperity Party (PP) in order to replace the EPRDF. Not long after his election Ahmed received the Nobel Peace Price for bridging the ethnic divide in Ethiopia back in 2019.

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