How Davido is Impacting Modern African Music

How Davido is Impacting Modern African Music 

Meet Davido, Young Artist Changing Afrobeat


The music genre known as Afrobeats originated from Africa. The genre has being topping charts over the last few years due to the unique style that it brings to the table. Afrobeats has a very distinct style because of the artist that are known for this genre. The artists bring their own style of Afrobeats to the table and do not copy more influential artist from countries such as the U.S. and the U.K. Afrobeats is a huge genre especially in Africa but in order for it to grow, the African music industry needs further improvements in order to globalize. Davido, a renowned Afrobeats artist has been in the African music industry for over a decade and is responsible for multiple hits the furthered the Afrobeats genre.

Surprisingly, Davido had nobody in his immediate family who was a musician and it was only due to his passion for it later on in his teenage years. Together with his cousins Sina Rambo and B-Red, Davido learned about music and became engulfed into it. Davido was so passionate for music that it led him to drop out of collage the pursue a career in music which his parents strongly disagreed to. It wasn’t until later on when Davido released his single “ Dami Duro” back in 2011 that his parents began to go on board with his career but they still believed that he should do a degree. “Dami Duro” blew up in Africa after its release and became very successful. With his parents support, Davido came to work even harder than before. Davido even completed a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music at Babcock University in Ogun State Nigeria back in 2015.

In the years to follow, Davido’s career did nothing buy rise through the ranks. Unfailingly Davido continued to release hits after hits while gaining a mass following and reputation. Of course with a mass reputation such as this, come endorsements deals. Davido has signed deals with massive companies such as the mass telecom company MTN and Guinness Nigeria. His success doesn’t just stop there as Davido goes on further to create his own record label company. Davido Music Worldwide (DMW) has been successful and has signed one of its first major artists, Mayorkun.

The meeting between Davido and Mayorkun was done via social media. Whilst scrolling through twitter, a video of a young artist singing caught Davidos eyes. Davido recalled that, “ if I didn’t pick up my phone that moment we never would have met, his talent was raw but as a fellow artist you could tell this guy had potential.”Davido contacted Mayorkun and asked him to send some songs over and he would review and later get in touch.

Davido and Mayorkun met on social media when Davido was in L.A. and right after he got back, Davido contacted Mayorkun and asked him to meet up at his crib. That same night both artist started working on music. Mayorkun recorded his first song. Mayorkun would go on further to resign from his job in the bank. Mayorkun with the help of Davido created his first album, “The Mayor of Lagos” and the rest was history. After Mayorkuns success, Davido’s ablum became more renowned and it would go on the sign more artist such as, Dremo and Peruzzi.

Davido says that helping these artists is not only for their sakes but also his. Providing new challenges for himself will further his own career. This will also further the Afrobeats genre and make it more world renowned.

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