Kodak Black Sues Federal prison Over Torture Claims

Kodak Black Sues Federal prison Over Torture Claims

Kodak Black Sues Federal prison Over Torture Claims

Kodak Black is suing the federal prison for alleged claims of being tortured. He is suing for damages and legal fees.

TMZ reported that the incarcerated rapper claims that he was tortured and had his rights violated. Kodak Black will be suing the Federal Bureau of Prisons together with its director and warden at USP Big Sandy federal prison.

Kodak was first incarcerated at Miami Federal Detention Center but in October 2019 after an altercation with another inmate in which an officer was injured, Kodak was transferred the high-security prison in Kentucky.

After his arrival at USP Big Sandy federal prison, Kodak said he fell prey to “gang beating” by Guards. He claims that this was revenge for the injured Miami prison guard. Kodak claims that he was hit on the head with a metal object by the guards while being handcuffed. Kodak also added that they “flicked his genitals.”

In his suit, Kodak claimed that he was constantly subjected to punishments for no reason what so ever. An example of this would be how one time he was set in a backless paper gown on a 4-point restrain for more than six hours. This caused him to defecate and urinate on himself while the guards watched and mocked him. He goes on to say that medical records will prove his claims because they will show that this treatment resulted in vomiting, lacerations, and bleeding.

The rapper also accused Big Sandy prison guards of making him go on his knees “execution-style” while soaking wet in his underwear, which caused him emotional and physical distress.

Kodak lawyers are also threatening to also sue because Kodak is being denied access to a rabbi. Kodak claims that he is now practicing Hebrew Israelite and has requested multiple times to meet with a rabbi but his request has been ignored even though multiple inmates have access to clergy.

Kodak is requesting to be moved to a lower-security prison.


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