Major Lazer & Mr Eazi Recruits Nicki Minaj & K4mo on New Single “oh My Gawd”

Oh My Gawd by Major Lazer and Mr Eazi ft Nicky Minaj and K4mo

Oh My Gawd by Major Lazer and Mr Eazi ft Nicky Minaj and K4mo

A New Single Has been released ft Nicky Minaj and K4mo by Major Lazer and Mr Eazi called “Oh My Gawd”.

The song has been in the making for a long time now and fans have been expecting it and will be happy to hear the official version. Major Lazer founder Diplo said, “Without touring, we’ve had to find new ways to connect with fans and share our music with them. We hope you eat as many of these as we have and love that we were able to do something fun to celebrate the release of Oh My Gawd.”

“This record was really fun to make,” said Nigerian artist Mr. Eazi, and it’s crazy how it went from hearing a K4mo intro in the studio with Fred Again, to me jumping on it and then Diplo hopping in! And Walshy hitting me up to say it’s a banger—next thing Nicki is on it! Been a journey really, like two years in the making and I can’t wait to perform it at my next festival,” he added.

Major Laser will be throwing an onnline Carnival livestream through Twitch on September 13 to celebrate the start of Carnival season and his new single.



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