The 10 Best HHP Songs Ranked

10 Best HHP Songs 

10 Best HHP Songs

Jabuliani, AKA HHP has released a number of great hits over his time. He was essential in the formation and the popularization of South Africa hip-hop. The rapper passed away on the 24th of October after copping with depression.

In the span of two decades, HHP was responsible for normalizing kwaito together with hip-hop in South Africa from the 90s to 2000s.

With numorous awards to show for his achievements, HHP is undouttedly one of South Africas most legendary hip-hop artist.

To commomarate his passing, here are his top 10 songs in our opinion.

  1. “He Banna” (O Mang?, 2003)

If we are asking what started it all, then it would be HHP’s album O Mang. This album is responsible for turning HHP into the well known artist in South Africa that we now know today. O Mang consisted of HHP’s unique style which he goes on to use in many more hits such as “Jabba”, “Let Me Be”, “Music & Lights”, and many more.

  1. “Nkatumela” (Dumela, 2009)

One of the key factors that makes HHP so popular is his remarkable storytelling abilities. This can be seen in his song, Nkatumela off of his album Dumela. Nkatumela tells a story of a sloppy man who came to not only be scammed by one of his conquest, but also caught by his wife in the end. Not only does he give a storyline to his songs, but HHP also gives titles to his characters by giving them names.

  1. “Bosso” (Motswafrika, 2011)

This was a famous mainly because of how it went viral. HHP took a popular term in Setswana slang, “Bosso” meaning boss, which is suppose to represent someone who does contradictory things in order to show their suppiriority. This went viral because of it’s abilty to relate to people regardless of demographics. “Bosso” was sung by everyone from the elderly to teens to babies.

  1. “Tlhabane/Maftown” (YBA 2 NW, 2005)

In this song HHP sings about his birth place. Of course this wasn’t the first time he sang about Mafikeng. “Tlhabane/Maftown” was unique because of all the effort HHP put into this song. This is evident by the production of the song. It offers a kind of “road-trip” view point.

  1. “It Ain’t Easy” (Acceptance Speech Re-written, 2008)

This song was released at the height of HHP’s career when he was winning countless awards and getting constant endorsements and many other times of deals all over the place. The boast about his well deserved success while acknowledging all the hard work he had to put on before he reached this level. HHP goes on to boast more about himself in the song.

  1. “Two Witnesses” Ft. Molemi (Dumela, 2009)

HHP is well known for his bubbly personality and how it comes out in his up beat music. HHP and Molemi took a slight turn to their usual music in this song. This song named “Two Witnesses” was more of a dark song, talking about the reality of mortality and how they have slowly and gradually came to terms with it.

  1. “Tswaka” (O Mang Reloaded, 2004)

This song was a justification to the Hip Hop Pantsula(HHP) name. The song just like the name contained both aspects of Hip Hop and Pantsula. The combining of this two styles gave birth to a new unique sound at the same time bridging the gap between Hip Hop and Kwaito. This song further showed the relationship between HHP and producer Thaso.

  1. “Ancestors” (Dumela, 2009)

Ancestor was such a heart felt song. In this song, HHP spoke of his ancestral lineage and identity. The song shown a new like to our favorite musician. The song, even though discussing a rather complicated and complex topic, gave a simple aproach to it. Th song can be seen as a song with many layers.

  1. “See” (YBA 2 NW, 2005)

See is a song that discusses the importance of taking ownership of ones life and to stray away from peer pressure. Even though this sounds like a preachy song, it doesn’t come off as one. HHP gave this song his outmost. This is why people often see his songs as an extension of him. This is a factor that makes his songs sound so relatable.

  1. “Harambe” (featuring Max-Hoba & Dimitri) (O Mang Reloaded, 2004)

The story of how this song came to be is an incredible one. It is said that when HHP was at the then popular youth talk show known as Take 5, he wanted to freestye and Thaso gave him a beat. HHP went on to spit bar after bar blowing away Thaso. Those lyrics would eventually become “Harambe”. This showed just how much of a genius HHP truely was.


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