These are the 7 Best Gengetone Out There!

7 Best Gengetone Out There

7 Best Gengetone Out There

The Gengetone genre of music has been gain popularity. The Gengetone genre is known to belong to the streets and as of recent times, been gaining popularity all around the globe.

The Gengetone genre has had a lot of remarkable acts over the years. Here are 7 Gengetone acts everyone needs to check out.

Sailors Gang

First a three person team known as Trio Sailor with Lexi Yung, Miracle Baby, and Qoqos Juma before Shalkido and Masilver joined. The Sailors started in 2017 and have dropped many bangers. The Sailors are best known for one of their club bangers “Wamblambez.”


The Sailors are responsible for taking gengetone world wide but that will not be possible without Ethic. “Lamba Lolo” by Ethic is what truly blew up gengetone and took it from street to national level. Seska, Rekless, Zilla, and Swat of Ethic have been nicknamed the founding fathers of gengetone.

Mbogi Genje

Best known for their jaw dropping and yet confusing music, Mbogi Genje grew up on the streets of Nairobi. Smady Tings, Miltan, and Guzman Teddy make up Mbogi Genje. One of their first music to go viral was the first verse of one of their songs. It went viral around the country because people were dying to decipher the meaning of the verse.

Ochungulo Family

The Ochungulo Family made up of Dmore, Nelly the Goon, and Benzema take a different approach to gengetone. Their music has minimalistic beats and tells very vivid stories. “Kaa na mama yako” was the song that took them to the national spotlight.

Zzero Sufuri

Zzero’s freestyle “Zimenishika” was what got him viral on social media. Zzero is also known for his smoking tendencies. 

Boondocks Gangs

It might be a little hard to believe that Ex-Ray, Odi wa Murang’, and Maddox actually started off as a gospel trio, but is in fact true. They claim that their music doesn’t encourage a party lifestyle but in fact actually condemns it. They recently released a track with fellow artist Bahati condemning the party lifestyle.


Ssaru is a very open minded artist who doesn’t shy away from speaking her mind both on track and in person. “Swagger” was what got her immense recognition.

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