Tory Lanez Releases New Music Video “In The Air” Amidst Felony Assault Controversy

Tory Lanez Releases New Music Video "In The Air" Amidst Felony Assault Controversy

Is this time really a good time to release a whole music video for the Toronto rapper? Let’s let’s how it all plays out for him and the music.

The video which was released just yesterday has gathered more than 3million views on youtube and that’s not normal for the rapper.

Earlier this week, we learned that Tory Lanez is being charged with felony assault in the Megan Thee Stallion shooting case. However, he’s pressing on with music regardless and today he has put out another visual from his brand new DAYSTAR album.

It’s for ‘In The Air’ and it’s the same video that he was filming in New York that caught some attention on social media.

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